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About Us

V was born in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Her family was poor and it was her job to help “take care” of them. She did not have time for school because all her time was taken up with work.
She had her first business when she was 8 years old. Since that time she has tried many things and learnt a lot.
She quickly moved into a position where she was not only taking care of her family but was taking care of more. Her family had expanded. She was now taking care of her Son, her Mum, her Brothers, their wives and their children also.
In 2010 she met and married an Australian. She moved to Australia and in 2014 she set up her first business here.
In the intervening years she now has over 3,000 people on her books.
She is known for doing “AweSome” Nails. She doesn’t need to advertise, her work is her greatest advertisement. 95-98% of new work comes from referral. Her nails speak for themselves.
Once V’s business became too large for her to continue working alone she realised that she needed help. Finding people to help was fairly easy but finding people who could duplicate V, and her work, was not so easy.
We have now realised that we are going to have to train people at all levels of the business. We are going to have to get involved in Training.
We are also going to diversify … V is always looking for ways to make people happy, even excited. She loves it when people say “AweSome” and can’t wait to show their friends.
V has also started “V’s AweSome Cosmetic Tattoo” where she tattoos the eyebrows, lips etc.
This is only the start of “AweSome V’s Australia”. Keep watching as we evolve, as we introduce new and exciting things.
Soon we hope to be able to make everyone excited for “AweSome V”, her “AweSome” work, her “AweSome” services and her “AweSome” staff.